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Residential Security

Residential Security Whether you are a property manager, an HOA officer, or another decision-maker in your community, you already know that your residents expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to residential security services. After all, one big reason they are with you is precisely because that they wanted to beat those frightening burglary statistics.

We understand the need to keep your community and residents safe day in and out. We offer security personnel who are responsive, alert and well-trained to deter the security threats around your community and provide a safe haven to all your residents, community members and guests alike.

Our custom-made security solutions are organized to give you the most effective answer to your residential needs.

Individuals need a sense of security in their homes, regardless of whether they reside in an apartment complex, gated community, or high-rise structure. Communities are increasingly installing security measures or strengthening their existing security strategy. We at United Security Services provide reliable and efficient residential security services to clients in and around Boca Raton.

Our security officers undergo extensive training before being assigned to positions that entail significant client and public engagement. The security personnel is polite, professional, and customer-focused, which helps to improve your property and management's image while minimizing incident and complaint rates.

The Importance of Residential Security

Our mission is to collaborate with management, owners, and tenants to create a comfortable, secure, and customer-oriented environment. With our expert residential security personnel patrolling your community, your residents will feel more protected. We seek to place permanent, long-term security officers in our customers' private communities since we've discovered that people like getting to know their security employees.

In short, our services help residents feel more secure. The residential security guards offer a range of services, from restricted access to routine patrol. We also provide door service and remain fully prepared to respond to emergencies.

Top-Notch Residential Security Services

Our residential security services include the following:

General Security

  • Patrolling the exterior (Perimeter), and interior
  • Gatekeeper duties
  • Enforce various rules and regulations within the community
  • Handle any incidents/circumstances
  • Investigate suspicious vehicles and persons

Controlled Access

  • Enforce procedures (badges, Stickers IDs, etc.)
  • Maintain visitors’ logs
  • Secure all entrances and exit points after hours
  • Open/close the entrances at specific hours

We offer emergency preparedness services, partner with the facility management, and provide visitor and staff support. We can deploy uniformed or plainclothes patrol officers and security personnel if required. We also conduct nightly scans; check all windows and doors to ensure your property stays secure.

For additional details about our residential security services, please call United Security Services at 561-757-6971 or send us your queries via this online form. We will revert to answer all your questions.

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