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Fire Watch

Fire Watch A fire outbreak can cause significant property damage and, sometimes, loss of life. Our fire watch services are tuned to client needs, designed to reduce the risks of these situations. We have the necessary expertise and experience to offer you superior fire watch services.

We at United Security Services tailor this solution to meet the needs of property owners, developers, and construction businesses. Our fire watch guards undergo periodic drills and training to ensure that they are prepared for any eventuality that may arise. Our capacity to provide quality checks and regular patrol sets us apart when it comes to protecting your possessions and premises.

Our Fire Watch Personnel’s Responsibilities

Our fire watch personnel adhere to applicable state and fire marshal regulations and give detailed reports. Among our responsibilities are the following:

  • Maintaining a 24-hour patrol of the whole facility
  • Keeping a diary of your fire watch actions
  • Notifying and monitoring potential safety hazards
  • Ascertaining that all exits and pathways remain clear
  • Establishing at least one instant communication channel with the local Fire Department

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on us to meet them consistently. Our on-call fire watch personnel are available 24/7. Therefore, regardless of whether the situation is a crisis or not, our specialists will manage it correctly and without error. To begin, we undertake risk assessments.

We use the results of these risk evaluations to tailor our fire watch services to your specific needs. The deteriorating status of our environment has made it more necessary for commercial properties to invest in tailored fire control technologies. We have trained fire watch officers for a variety of sectors.

Rapid Detection & Reporting

Our professionals have been trained to identify dangerous and highly flammable objects on your property quickly. Additionally, they are on the watch for risky behaviors within your facilities. Being vigilant enables them to offer enough protection for volatile locations while ensuring general security throughout the facility.

We have a 24-hour monitoring station to keep an eye on our guards. It helps us ensure that our guards aren't just present but also provide appropriate protection for each location. We understand the importance of a complete fire record and always keep one accessible to building owners and the fire department.

Thorough Inspection

We cannot stress enough the importance of thorough inspection. Our fire watch personnel will offer the necessary protection for your building until required. We'll work around the clock to keep your fire suppressant and fire alarm systems in top shape.

We recognize the importance of this responsibility and make sure that there is no compromise on any front. Our company has built its reputation based on the reliable, high-quality services that we provide, and we never falter on that aspect. We are happy to have detailed discussions to understand your specific requirements and settings before delivering the perfect solutions.

For additional details about our fire watch services in Boca Raton, please call United Security Services at 561-757-6971 or send us your queries via this online form. We will revert to answer all your questions.

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