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Concierge Front Desk

Concierge Front Desk We provide concierge, front desk and lobby services with professional uniformed guards, in either a coat/blazer or a traditional security uniform. This includes but is not limited to high-rise condos, corporate buildings, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, and more.

We understand the security requirements and protection and corporate settings, USS provides these services with peace of mind, safety and security in mind at all times for you, your company, clients, associates, patients and other guests. We would like you to concentrate on your business routines, daily procedures and managing your day-to-day affairs. We take out security out of your worries.

Every day, people's lives are impacted by front desk security at their place of work and housing. Having a skilled, prompt, and attentive security guard service is critical for the peace of mind and quality of life of property owners, property managers, condominiums, and HOAs.

Concierge Front Desk Responsibilities

Nothing is more critical than preserving your investment if you own a residential apartment complex or commercial office property. While you focus on your valuable clients and consumers, United Security Services will address any security concerns. Our concierge front desk personnel are responsible for overseeing and maintaining the following:

  • All building access
  • Visitor logs
  • Security systems
  • Visitor parking
  • Customer complaints
  • Package delivery
  • Other

Along with providing peace of mind via security features, we also serve as the welcoming face that meets and assists guests or tenants. Our personnel will direct emergency responders in the case of an emergency.

Customized Concierge Front Desk Services

Our company provides reliable concierge security to match our clientele's exacting expectations, and we can tailor our services to fit your specific requirements. Before we provide you with reception security guards, we guarantee that they have the necessary expertise and technological knowledge to manage all worker and resident data effectively.

Additionally, we've offered sufficient training in data and software administration to each team member. Therefore, you can be confident that we can adapt to the most advanced technology. By hiring our technologically aware guards, you avoid the added expense and worry associated with training them during the onboarding.

Our selected security crew is punctual, friendly, and professional. We work together to continuously improve our work methods, ensuring 100% client satisfaction. For additional details about our concierge front desk services, please call United Security Services at 561-757-6971 or send us your queries via this online form, and we will revert to answer all your questions.

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