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Commercial / Loss Prevention

Commercial / Loss Prevention We can provide security guards for your storefront, plaza, shopping mall, department stores, arcades, and even gas stations. We can also provide guards to monitor your CCTV systems.

To ease your mind in offering your guests and customers an ultimate shopping experience or enjoying their time at commercial establishments, we offer security personnel who will provide security and protection. We provide a safe and secure atmosphere. We take care of the security loopholes and deal with any potential or existing threats. Ultimately, USS armed and unarmed guards become deterrents to any element that will make you worry.

We can help you lower your exposure to loss and threats through vendor authentication, patrols, camera surveillance as well as security consulting and assessment.

At United Security Services, we know how crucial commercial property owners are to keep their premises safe and secure. Our loss prevention personnel are ready and trained to assist you in various scenarios. Loss prevention is vital in malls and retail places to guarantee theft protection.

We also monitor parking lots to avoid auto theft and use undercover detection techniques to apprehend thieves before they act. A security guard assigned to loss prevention will move through the floors of your business or facility, observing, recording, and reporting any suspicious behavior.

When required, our personnel have the power and capability to capture and arrest persons engaged in theft or other illegal acts. Employee education is critical for keeping employees informed about the merits of loss prevention strategies and steps to engage with on-site security officers, whether uniformed or covert.

How We Help with Commercial Loss Prevention

We deploy a variety of techniques in our business surveillance and loss prevention solutions, including the following:

  • Our company employs undercover security guards that assist in identifying possible theft concerns. The objective is to reduce product shrinkage and assure your customers' safety. Undercover guards maintain touch with our 24/7 control center to monitor performance and welfare. You'll receive a report digitally summarizing their day's results.

  • Audits for loss prevention are an excellent approach to preventing future theft. We can work with you and your team to identify any issues and gaps in your operations or procedures. By addressing these concerns, we can assist you in avoiding shrinkage.

  • Our mystery shoppers behave like members of the public and engage with staff employees. A mystery shopper's objective is to monitor and report on staff members' performance, noting any gaps in compliance with loss prevention protocols.

For additional details about our commercial/loss prevention services, please call United Security Services at 561-757-6971 or send us your queries through this online form. We will revert to answer all your questions.

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